Cruciate Rehabilitation

One-day workshop for Vets and Nurses

No matter what surgical technique you use for treating your cruciate patients, postoperative rehabilitation is essential for optimal outcomes. This one day workshop teaches manual therapy techniques and recovery exercises in a practical environment. You will leave the day with the skills to start offering cruciate rehabilitation as a new service in your clinic.

Suitable for veterinarians and nurses who manage patients with cranial cruciate ligament disease treated by any surgical technique.

Key Learning Areas: 
  • Practice manual rehabilitation therapies on canine patients
  • Learn how to assess your patients throughout their rehabilitation
  • Understand healthy postoperative biomechanics and function
  • Practice using a 14-week postoperative cruciate protocol of exercises and activity guidelines you can individualise for each patient
UVG & Vetcentric Member Cost: 
Available for: 
Vets, Vet Nurses
Expected value: 
16 points